• Introduction
  • Ledger definition
  • Documenting splitting
  • Integration
  • Period processing
  • Parallel accounting
  • Reporting
  • Migration
  • Introduction
  • Advantages and benefits of the New general ledger
  • Explanation on possible functions
  • Ledger Definition
  • Activating the New General ledger
  • Over view on new tables updation
  • Assigning and importance of scenarios
  • Financial accounting entry view and ledger view
  • Creation of number ranges for ledger view
  • The segment characteristic
  • Creation of Segment
  • Documenting splitting
  • Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting
  • Classify Document Types for Document Splitting
  • Define Zero-Balance Clearing Account
  • Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting
  • Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling
  • Define Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount to Assets
  • Activate Document Splitting
  • Integration
  • Integration with FI Sub ledgers
  • Integration with Controlling
  • Integration with material management
  • Periodic Processing
  • Changes in Foreign currency Valuation
  • Period depreciation posting
  • Parallel Accounting
  • Define leading ledger
  • Define and activate non leading ledger
  • Define ledger groups
  • Define accounting principles
  • Assign accounting principles to ledger groups

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