• Overview of SAP MDG
  • SAP MDG introduction
  • Configure MDG Material/Supplier Out of the Box.
  • Reuse mode
  • Flex mode
  • Data Modeling
  • ER modeling
  • SMT mapping
  • Extending MDG Standard data model for Reuse mode.
  • BADIs for Data modeling
  • UI Modeling
  • Floor plan Manger (FPM) Basics
  • Linking FPM with MDG
  • UI per workflow step
  • Configuring the UI as per user defined criteria
  • BADIs for UI modeling
  • Workflow modeling
  • Rule based work flow(RBWF)
  • Create change request types, step types, actions and link to RBWF
  • Linking rule based workflow to MDG
  • Configuring BRF+ decision tables
  • Linking HR organizational structure to MDG workflow
  • Extending the workflow as per user defined criteria
  • BADIs for workflow modeling
  • Search and Duplicate check
  • Configuring Search with TREX
  • Duplicate check configuration.
  • Validations and Derivations
  • BRF+ Validations and Derivations
  • Validations and Derivations using ABAP BADI
  • Cross entity derivation using ABAP BADI
  • Data Replication
  • Data replication Framework (DRF)
  • Enriching MDG standard code or
  • features to user requirement
  • File Upload/Download
  • User exits
  • Linking change request UIs to NWBC
  • Creating new roles for MDG

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